Tank Hill Masterplan, Thurrock

A residential led masterplan for 200 new homes 

Satish Jassal Architects was shortlisted for a masterplan for Tank Hill, Thurrock. Our intention for Tank Hill was to create a successful place; successful places are inherently sustainable as they have longevity, accommodate higher densities and adapt to change. At Satish Jassal Architects, we believe that well-defined public spaces contribute greatly to successful places. Public spaces determine the character of a place; buildings should be varied in type and height and enclose the public spaces. A good place has a network of legible connections which in turn connect back to the established wider routes.

Our concept for Tank Hill creates a successful place by incorporating the following points.

  • A masterplan ordered by two well defined public garden squares.
  • A mixture of homes, which range from 1, 2, & 3 bedroom apartments and 3 & 4 bedroom townhouses.
  • A combination of housing types to create diversity, such as stepped terraces overlooking the Mar Dyke watercourse. There are also linear buildings with higher defined corners and a single tall marker building for the site.
  • A mixture of building heights to relate to the views and surrounding existing buildings.
  • Pulling in natural landscape and biodiversity of the Mar Dyke watercourse.
  • Creating a primary North East to South West axis, and a North-South Axis to the Mar Dyke watercourse.
  • A quality public realm is proposed with a network of trees helping to define key entrance and corners.
  • A masterplan containing 172 apartments, 28 houses and 5,500sqm of amenity space.


Tank Hill sketch

Tank Hill Thurrock masterplan

Tank Hill Thurrock masterplan

Tank Hill Thurrock masterplan

Tank Hill Thurrock masterplan

19 Wharfdale Road, London, N1 9SB

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