Net Zero Carbon Supported Living Homes, Haringey

14 supported living homes with a well-being garden at its heart

Satish Jassal Architects has received unanimous planning approval for a project that will provide 14 supported-living homes in Haringey, north London for Haringey Adult Services.

Barbara Hucklesbury Close will provide 14 one-bedroom homes and a support office for residents with mental health needs who are transitioning to independent living.

The building will satisfy the Mayor of London’s definition of a zero carbon building through on-site means alone.  It will achieve this through a significant rooftop array of solar panels and air source heat pumps. The structure will be of cross-laminated timber (CLT), reducing the embodied carbon by 137 tonnes compared to a concrete structure.

Satish Jassal Architects’ approach provides a bridge between traditional low-level suburban housing and taller, more modern Council housing. One side of the site forms part of the Noel Park Conservation Area. The design references the local vernacular with elements such as bricks used on end above windows, and vertical and tripartite windows. It also makes reference to the use of angled bay piers and horizontal white stonework. The form of the building references the more modern Council housing. In this way the proposal creates a visual bridge between the traditional and modern contexts of the area.

"The proposed development is relatively modest in scale, but it has been sensitively yet ambitiously designed based on a thorough understanding of the urban, architectural and heritage context of the development site to achieve an enhancing and rebalancing addition to the urban environment immediately surrounding the Conservation Area."

Principal Conservation Officer, Haringey Council


Noel Park Supported Living

Noel Park Supported Living

Noel Park Supported Living

Noel Park Supported Living

Noel Park Supported Living

19 Wharfdale Road, London, N1 9SB

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